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Playform®, the joy of discovery!
Playform® educational games offer to the child the opportunity to discover themselves, to discover their passions and develop their personality.

Who are we and why we chose to manufacture Playform® games.
It all started with the concept of Happy Education and the need to create a pleasant, friendly and fun environment for children, to learn new things.
We are convinced that playing outdoors releases the energies of the little ones and widens their horizons of knowledge.

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Playform® teams are at your disposal to answer your questions and give you step-by-step consultancy on Playform® Projects.
We design the graphics, we offer you the right tips in choosing the games, we produce the games in our factory and we come to you to realize the application of the games.

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”Playform games motivate children to play outside, without aggressivity”

Maguy De Lange, headmaster of 'Saints Cyr et Julitte School', Seneffe, Belgium, Watch video

”Playform games are very playful, with vivid colours and also inspiring”

Virginie Lafelly, president of the Parents` Association, Marlioz Chavannaz, France, Watch video

”We were looking for outdoor games (…). The most beautiful from all are Playform games.”

Jean-Marie Hamaide, headmaster of Arquennes School, Watch video

”Outdoor games offer the possibility for kids to amuse, to learn how to socialize, to learn to count (…). There is no limit to what we can do with Playform!”

Céline Bay, headmaster of 'Des Merisiers' Nursery School, Mantes-la-Ville, France, Watch video

”The kids are happy playing chess. This way they have the possibility to play in a team,”

Christian Kaiser, headmaster at Elementary School, Odendorf, Germany, Watch video

„It was, indeed, a nice achievement and the best decision we took”

Marie Solliers, Deputy Mayor of Ville-en-Sallaz, France, Watch video

„The games applied on the asphalt are very useful. There are set on the surface and the kids can play on them for a long time,”

Pascale Court, Deputy Mayor of Grans, France, Watch video

”These are great products. I find the games vey educational, with bright colours and amazing, not only for the kids, but, also, for us, the parents”

Vita Agate, architect, Mazara del Vallo, Italy, Watch video

”A burst of joy occurred this morning. It was incredible! They were eager to play on each and every game”

Sophie Rahil, headmaster ”Regina Coeli” School, Nice, France, Watch video

„Playform is an integrated part in the non-violence project in schools,”

Caroline Chais, teacher, Bois-de-Lessines School, Belgium, Watch video

„The sports circuit is great. I think it will be kids` favourite. It`s very interesting and it`s an excellent way to improve mobility,”

Annick Brenienek, Headmaster, „Jean Rostand” School, Itancourt, France, Watch video

”This project – Playform – is very important to us. We wish to bring back children in piazza and to play outside, just like we used to do when we were little,”

Claudio Mucilli, Mayor of Diano San Pietro, Italy, Watch video

”The sports circuit is very interesting. It allows kids to run, to learn the colours, the digits and the animals,”

Carole Collet, School Council representative, Saint Just Sauvage, France, Watch video

”Playform games are cheerful and have a pedagogical purpose. Therefore, they have indeed a positive impact on the kids,”

Gwenaëlle Auger, Headmaster ”Notre Dame” School, Preuilly sur Claise, France, Watch video

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