Playform®, the joy of discovery!

Playform® educational games offer children the opportunity to discover themselves, to discover their passions and develop their personality.

It all started with the concept of Happy Education and the need to create a pleasant, friendly and fun environment for children, to learn new things.
We are convinced that playing outdoors releases the energies of the little ones and widens their horizons of knowledge.

Thinking about the little ones and taking play seriously, the research team developed a highly durable material. Childhood`s cartoon characters are brought to life using this material. Having over two decades of experience, we chose to fabricate Playform® games using the same material from which road marking symbols are made of, namely Preform TCG®. With 3 mm thickness layer, this type of material has passed the test of resistance in high traffic conditions.

Playform® – Happy Education concept fosters and stimulates child`s creative side. Just like in a media or a geography lab, kids can train their creativity in the special dedicated “outdoor play laboratory”. Playform® creates a more fun learning environment. This way, schools and kindergartens become more attractive.

✓ The thermoplastic material from which the Playform® product is made has superior characteristics to classical products, being very durable.
✓ The material from which the games are produced has 3 mm thickness.
✓ The product is applied on horizontal surfaces under the action of heat.
✓ The models obtained have a safe, non-slip surface.
✓ The colours of the games remain vivid and bright for a long time.
✓ Playform® product is easily maintained, the designs can be refreshed by washing them with pressurized water.
✓ It is an organic product, without solvents or pigments containing chromium or lead.